Going for Organic Food at Festivals in Norway

Music festivals are now at hand in the summer. The crowd wants not only great music experiences. Good food and environment are also part of the total festival experience in Norway.

Oikos Organic Norway reports that many new players are interested in serving organic food at their events. Oikos helps festivals who want to serve organic food. The project is supported by development funds from the Norwegian Agricultural Authority.

In June, Oikos for the first time appeared at Norwegian Wood, a traditional festival at Frogner in Oslo. A survey of the crowd showed that 65 percent believed organic festival food was very important. 

Øyafestivalen and Moldejazz festival also go for organic food again this year. They will use at least 90 percent organic ingredients in their serving. Last year, Øyafestivalen served over 25 tons of organic products to the public, volunteers and artists. Hovefestivalen, Pstereofestivalen, Månefestivalen and Kartfestivalen includes organic food on their festival menu.


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