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Friday, January 19, 2018
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Why would not Norwegians move to the USA despite Trump’s call?

Trump wants immigrants from countries like Norway but they were not very welcomed in the USA before and they are not interested to emigrate...

Press Conference of Norway Prime Minister with Donald Trump

Watch the joint press conference by Prime Minister Solberg of Norway and Donald Trump.

Trump: Norway is a good customer of the USA

Donald Trump and Erna Solberg talked about Tesla and how Norway is a great customer of the USA. Erna Solberg met today with Donald Trump...

American ex-diplomat refuses to leave Norway

A former female US diplomat would be forcefully sent from Norway to the USA but the woman had to be put off the plane...

Young Norwegians with Immigrant Background Receive Less Social Assistance

A recent report from Proba samfunnsanalyse confirms that young Norwegians with immigrant background benefit from...

Christmas Market in Oslo

Every year around late november Christmas markets start up in Oslo. Every year several Christmas markets...

Statistics Norway: Immigrants Are Poorer But Equally Satisfied

Immigrants in Norway have poorer living conditions than rest of the population, but are still...

Norway’s Lofoten Has One of the 50 Best Beaches in the World

The Canadian travel agency Flightnetwork has voted the 50 best beaches in the world -...

Men Will Get extra Point to Study in Women Dominated Programs in Norway

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)introduces a new Anti-Discrimination Act for including men...

Norway Drops the Use of Indian and Replaces it with Native American

Norwegian language encyclopedia, Store norske leksikon removes the word "Indians" from their database. Europeans have given...

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