NRK writes that Hurtigruten did not do anything even if they knew about a possible corona infection on board. Now more than 40 people are infected.

7 Norwegian Movies to Watch in Summer for All Tastes

Norway has had a remarkable cinema industry for a long time. Since the production of the first film in Norway in...

Norway to Start Trade Deal Negotiation with the UK

Norway will begin negotiations with the United Kingdom for a free trade agreement. The agreement will be in place by the...

Norway’s Northernmost Svalbard Island Breaks the Record for the Hottest Day

Svalbard breaks the highest temperature record. Saturday night the temperature was 21.7°C (71.06°F). This extraordinary weather condition causes melting of icebergs...

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Norway Prime Minister Erna Solberg and other ministers of the government gathered to dance for children and national day. NRK's children TV...

Norway Leads New Resolution on Human Rights and Business

On 17 July, the United Nations Human Rights Council adopted a resolution by consensus that will increase focus on the implementation...

Bomb Threat against Rynair Flight to Norway

A 51-year-old British man has been arrested for the bomb threat against a Ryanair flight that landed at Oslo. The situation is...

Norway Introduces Quarantine Free Travel to 15 Countries

From 15 July, Norwegians can travel quarantine-free to 15 European countries. Norwegian government is lifting restrictions on entry...

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The Guardian: Norway’s Kvikk Lunsj Is Way Better Than Nestle’s KitKat

The Guardin joins in unending debate on which four-fingered chocolate bar tastes best.

Peace Talks Between USA and North Korea Can Be Held in Norway

Several foreign media reports that Oslo will host talks between North Korea and the United States. The Norwegian Foreign Ministry keeps silent.

Norway Is Heading To A New Financial Crisis

Australian-born, British-based economist Steve Keen believes Norway is one of several countries in danger financially.

Half of Norway Uses Vipps Mobile Payment App

Over 2.15 million people use Vipps in Norway. That’s 41% of the population.Over 100 Norwegian banks will soon be sharing ownership of the new company.

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Knitting man from Norway goes viral

Birger Berge is a 29 year-old Norwegian knitter from Bergen. He became famous on Instagram with his knitting pictures, and his fame reached out...

Advice on Choosing Your Dentist in Norway

Norway is known as one of the most expensive countries in Europe to receive dental treatment. So, it might become a double nightmare for many to go to dentist. However, if you are well informed about the procedures, you can find a more affordable dental care plan.

More than a National Day: Understanding May 17th of Norway

Every nation has a national day but probably very few of them are so enthusiastically and uniquely celebrated like May 17th.

Having a “Gledelig Jul” in Norway

Feel Norway at its warmest this Christmas; a season steeped in unique traditions and magical experiences.

Norway’s Fretex: We give people a reason to believe in future

Don’t give me the fish but teach me to fish! Says the proverb. It can accurately sum up the evolution of Fretex’s aid to the populations in need.

9th Year of Bloodiest Terror Attack in Norway: 22 July from the Police Chief Who Coordinated the Operation That Day

9 years ago today the terrorist attacks by Anders Behring Breivik took the lives of 77 people in the government quarter...
Woman and little son with suitcases arriving. Happy people embracing by the house entrance

Partners and Family Members of Norwegians May Now Travel to Norway

Starting 15 July, the Government plans to allow the entry of foreign nationals from countries outside the EU/EEA who have family...

Reserachers in Norway Study Connection between Sunbathing and Corona Infection

Norwegian researchers investigate whether sunbathing and fish can have an effect on corona infection, according to NRK. 140,000...

Norway Postal Service Becomes the World’s First To Use Electric Trucks

From 2021, Norwegian postal service, Posten will use the world's first purpose-built, fully-electric 16-ton trucks for delivery. -It is...


Norway opens the borders for Europe on 15 July

Norway lifts entry restrictions for EEA countries from 15 July. The Corona situation in the country must be under control for...

NYPOST: Sick of the US? Move to Svalbard, Norway!

New York based daily newspaper NYPOST suggests Svalbard as a new home to Americans who are tired of the divisiveness in the...

Norwegians Are Fed Up With Mass Tourism to Norway

New studies show Norwegians are fed up with mass tourism and want limitations for especially cruiseship and Airbnb tourists.

Thousands Demonstrated in Norway for Supporting the Protests in the USA

Thousands demonstrated in downtown Oslo starting from the US embassy. In other cities...

China Becomes The Second Biggest Shareholder of Norway’s Airline Company Norwegian

Chinese state owned company BOC Aviation Limited bought 12.67 percent of the...

FrP Demands Norway To Stop Humanitarian and Development Aid to China

Norway provided NOK 99.1 million in assistance to China in 2019. It is...

Young Writer from Norway Wins 2020 EU Prize for Literature

Maria Navarro Skarange (26), wins 2020 EU Prize for Literature with her...

The Only Public 2020 Norway National Day Parade in The World Held in Taiwan

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the government of Norway has announced...

Coronavirus Does Not Stop Norway to Celebrate Joyful National Day, 17 Mai

Norway celebrates national day 17 mai differently this year.


Norway’s Most Unusual Corona TV Show Features 14 Hour Live Action of Birds Life Inside a Bird Feeder Decorated Like a Doll House

The Piip-Show is a three months long live broadcast from the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, NRK. "Piip-Show –...

This is the World’s Most Beautiful Stamp and It is From Norway

This Norwegian stamp is voted the most beautiful in the world. The motif on it was painted by visual artist Viggo...

Sample Oslo’s Amazing Cultural Scene for Free with Oslo Culture Night

On 13th of September, around 200 of Oslo’s cultural venues, ensembles and museums open their doors or take to the streets with...