Ministry of Climate and Environment says yes to emission-free zones. Oslo and Bergen will lead and ban fossil fuel cars in some areas.

Norway Prime Minister on the Invasion of US Congress: An attack on democracy

The violent scenes in Washington DC are met with strong reactions from Norwegian politicians. Four people have died, including...

Norway Closes Again with Stricter Corona Measures

The government recommends zero physical education for students. The Progress Party thinks the students should have been notified earlier, and the Labor...

Donald Trump Misusing Nobel Peace Prize in His Video

With a picture of a Nobel Prize medal, Donald Trump advertises his “achievements in peace” work. But the president, who has not...

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Follow the latest corona data and, rules and regulations announced by te government.


Norway Prime Minister Erna Solberg and other ministers of the government gathered to dance for children and national day. NRK's children TV...

Norway allocates NOK 94 million to efforts to promote freedom of expression and culture

Freedom of expression, cultural rights and cultural and natural heritage are under pressure in many parts of the world. In response, Norway...

New ambassadors from Tunisia and Japan to Norway

Two new ambassadors to Norway presented their letters of credence to Norwegian King Harald V on 17 December 2020.

Norway to align itself with the new EU sanctions regime against serious human rights violations

‘The new EU sanctions regime will be an important tool for targeting individuals responsible for or involved in serious human rights violations...

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The Guardian: Norway’s Kvikk Lunsj Is Way Better Than Nestle’s KitKat

The Guardin joins in unending debate on which four-fingered chocolate bar tastes best.

Peace Talks Between USA and North Korea Can Be Held in Norway

Several foreign media reports that Oslo will host talks between North Korea and the United States. The Norwegian Foreign Ministry keeps silent.

Norway Is Heading To A New Financial Crisis

Australian-born, British-based economist Steve Keen believes Norway is one of several countries in danger financially.

Half of Norway Uses Vipps Mobile Payment App

Over 2.15 million people use Vipps in Norway. That’s 41% of the population.Over 100 Norwegian banks will soon be sharing ownership of the new company.

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Knitting man from Norway goes viral

Birger Berge is a 29 year-old Norwegian knitter from Bergen. He became famous on Instagram with his knitting pictures, and his fame reached out...

Advice on Choosing Your Dentist in Norway

Norway is known as one of the most expensive countries in Europe to receive dental treatment. So, it might become a double nightmare for many to go to dentist. However, if you are well informed about the procedures, you can find a more affordable dental care plan.

More than a National Day: Understanding May 17th of Norway

Every nation has a national day but probably very few of them are so enthusiastically and uniquely celebrated like May 17th.

Having a “Gledelig Jul” in Norway

Feel Norway at its warmest this Christmas; a season steeped in unique traditions and magical experiences.

Norway’s Fretex: We give people a reason to believe in future

Don’t give me the fish but teach me to fish! Says the proverb. It can accurately sum up the evolution of Fretex’s aid to the populations in need.
Rescue helicopter norway

Massive Landslide in Norway: Hundreds of People Evacuated

Around 200 people have been evacuated, and several are injured after a major landslide occurred near the center of Ask in...

Nobel Peace Prize Winner David Beasley Postponed Visit to Norway

Due to recent developments in the coronavirus situation in Oslo, the Norwegian Nobel Committee and David Beasley, Executive Director of the World...
Ine Eriksen Søreide Foreign Minister of Norway

Norway welcomes pledge to resume Israeli-Palestinian cooperation

‘Norway welcomes the renewed pledge for cooperation based on the signed Israeli-Palestinian bilateral agreements. I hope this will pave the way for...

Finn den beste støvsuger i en støvsuger test

Skal du kjøpe ny støvsuger? Det er mange gode grunner til å velge en støvsuger som bærer tittelen best i test. Først...


Norway opens the borders for Europe on 15 July

Norway lifts entry restrictions for EEA countries from 15 July. The Corona situation in the country must be under control for...

NYPOST: Sick of the US? Move to Svalbard, Norway!

New York based daily newspaper NYPOST suggests Svalbard as a new home to Americans who are tired of the divisiveness in the...

Norwegians Are Fed Up With Mass Tourism to Norway

New studies show Norwegians are fed up with mass tourism and want limitations for especially cruiseship and Airbnb tourists.

Norway: Russia is Behind the Cyber Attack against Norwegian Parliament

On Tuesday, the government announced that Russia was behind the cyber attack against...

It will be more expensive to use an electric car, buy gasoline, alcohol and tobacco in 2021

Here are the most important changes in the government's proposal for the state...

Norway’s online gambling laws and regulations

To many people, Norway – and the rest of Scandinavia – is seen...

The Fire on Melkøya is One of the Most Serious Incidents in Norway´s Oil History

The investigation starts to find out how the fire at Equinor's plant on...

Norway Will No more Use Money

Cafes, restaurants, museums and churches no longer accept banknotes and coins. Many...

FHI is Concerned about Sharp Increase of Corona Cases in Norway

The reproduction (R) number in Norway after 1 September 2020 increases to...


Young Writer from Norway Wins 2020 EU Prize for Literature

Maria Navarro Skarange (26), wins 2020 EU Prize for Literature with her book, Bok om sorg (Book of grief).

Coronavirus Does Not Stop Norway to Celebrate Joyful National Day, 17 Mai

Norway celebrates national day 17 mai differently this year. Every country has a national day but probably very...

Norway’s Most Unusual Corona TV Show Features 14 Hour Live Action of Birds Life Inside a Bird Feeder Decorated Like a Doll House

The Piip-Show is a three months long live broadcast from the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, NRK. "Piip-Show –...