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Vurderer du å prøve en matkasse?

Denne artikkelen inneholder annonsert innhold. Er du en av dem som synes det er vanskelig å finne på nye sunne retter til middag? Og har...

Norwegian Government Seeks Storting’s Approval for Swedish and Finnish Nato Membership

Today, the Government requested the Storting’s consent to ratify the Nato accession protocols for Finland and Sweden. ‘We will do our utmost to ensure...

Norwegian businesses and organisations donating digital equipment to Ukraine

“Being able to communicate with loved ones by phone or via the internet is essential for temporarily dispaced citizens in Norway and for people...

Government apologises for past treatment of gay people by the Norwegian authorities

On 21 April 2022, it is 50 years since the Storting repealed section 213 of the Penal Code, which had criminalised sexual relations between...


person in black hoodie using laptop computer

North Korean Hackers Target Journalists with GOLDBACKDOOR Malware

It has recently been revealed that APT37, a North Korean cyberespionage group, has used high-end...

Derfor liker nordmenn å spille på sport

Det å være interessert i sport, er noe vi ser over hele verden, men noe...

Her er reglene som gjelder for nettspill i Norge

Mange ønsker å spille på nett i Norge, fordi det er en morsom og enkel...
person holding black smartphone

Why are betting apps so popular with Norwegian bettors?

Online sports betting has become a huge industry around the world. Betting on sports has...

Norway provides an air defense system to Ukraine

-The conflict could draw out in time, and Ukraine is dependent on international support to...
woman in black jacket holding white paper

Norway Introduces Long-term COVID-19 strategy to normalise everyday life

The pandemic is now in a different phase, but we must continue to live with...