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Norway Police Criminal Investigation Service Concerned about AI Generated Child Abuse Materials

Norwegian police, led by Helge Haugland at Kripos, have encountered numerous tips regarding AI-created child abuse imagery through NCMEC. As AI advances, distinguishing genuine...
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Norway government will preserve world heritage abroad, but not in Norway.

Through the Oil Fund, Norway has taken action to preserve 40,000-year-old rock art in Indonesia. However, at home, the government has given the green...
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Iranian Activist Narges Mohammadi Receives Nobel Peace Prize

Human rights advocate Narges Mohammadi is imprisoned for her fight for women's rights in Iran. Now, she has been awarded this year's Nobel Peace...
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Battle for Next Major: 48 Municipalities in Norway Still Haven’t Chosen a Mayor

Three weeks after the election, 1 in 7 municipalities has yet to select a mayor. In Karmøy, the two largest parties in the municipality...


These three films are on the Norwegian Oscar shortlist

«A Happy Day», «Ellos eatnu - La elva leve» and «Fedrelandet» are on the shortlist...
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An International Student Arrested for Espionage in Norway

A 25-year-old Malaysian citizen has been arrested with espionage for allegedly engaging in signals intelligence...
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Food Prices in Norway Increases by 9,3 percent in a Year

The Statistisk sentralbyrå (SSB), Norway's central statistical bureau, has reported a 4.8 percent increase in...
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Norway and Germany Takes Hydrogen Cooperation to Next Level

Norway and Germany have now agreed to set up a joint Task Force to follow...
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Hvordan begynne å tippe i Norge

Sportsbetting er mer populært i Norge enn de fleste kanskje er klar over. Ifølge tall...

Økonomisk Utsikt for Norge: Veien Fremover

Norges økonomi har gjennomgått flere faser av vekst og tilpasning i løpet av årene. Med...