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Tommy Robinson

Norway’s Right Wing Former Justice Minister Wants Asylum in Norway for UK far-right Figurehead

Former Justice Minister of Norway and right-wing politician Per-Willy Amundsen (FrP) wants asylum to far-right campaigner and former leader of English...
electric scooter oslo norway

Oslo City Council Declares Electric Scooter Experiment in Norway As Chaos

Oslo City Council admits there is an electric scooter chaos in Oslo and the police asks politicians to intervene.

BBC: Norway Turns Criminals into Good Neighbours

Yoga classes, guards as mentors and role models, and the secret behind Norway's record low level of recidivism.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Increase in Norway

0.4 per cent more greenhouse gases were released in Norway last year than the year before, figures from Statistics Norway show.

Young Man Rescued Eight-Year-Old Out of Burning House in Norway and Received Carnegies Medal

Mohamed Dirshe (20) jumped into a burning house in Svolvær to save...

Salmon Disaster in Norway Connected to Climate Change

A massive algae bloom suffocated more than 8 million farmed salmon in Norway...

Norway is the 24th Best Country in the World to Start a Business

Research by card payment solution's provider Paymentsense reveals the top 27 countries around the...

Norway Hosts Peace Talk Between Maduro and Opposition Representatives for New Elections in Venezuela

Representatives from the Venezuelan government and the oppositon will have their first...

Norwegians Make Fun of British Far Right Activist Katie Hopkins

Former reality star and right wing activist Katie Hopkins' videos sparked twitter...

Norway’s Eurovison Song Became Number One in Public Voting

The Netherlands won the Eurovision Song Contest yesterday, but Norway was the most...

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