17th of May, a day to remember!

Three days ago, on the 17th of May Norway celebrated its international day.  The celebration started in the morning and continued for the day, but the most special thing is the parade.

Unlike other countries, the parade in Norway is made by citizens in all cities and not by the military and politicians. Our reporter, who celebrated for the first time Norwegian day was in Volda, a small town in Møre og Romsdal region on the west coast of Norway and he is going to tell his experience.

“This is my first year in Norway and this is my first 17th of May. This was the best day since I came here. The atmosphere was amazing. People started the day with breakfast and champagne.  I was in an environment with Norwegians and internationals. So amazed when I saw my Norwegian friends with the traditional costume, Bunad”- the reporter said.

17 of May in Volda 2023

“Around 15:00 we started preparation for the parade. So surprised that internationals have always a place in the parade making everyone feel like home. At 16:00 we started the parade from the Red Cross to end it in the city centre. A lot of people were there watching and joining the parade. It was the first time that a small and quiet city like Volda looked big and become ‘alive’”- he said.

17 of May in Volda 2023

“After the parade ended everyone went home and started to prepare for the next step of celebration. In the evening some musical bands held a concert. Meanwhile, students were having a lot of parties till early in the morning. It was an amazing day. I’m sure that every international felt super happy and like home.  17 of May, is a day to remember!”- he noted.

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