Norway to penalize filming accidents scene victims

The eyewitnesses who took photos and filmed the truck driver who got stuck after an accident in Oslo instead of helping face risk of imprisonment.

Norway will set an example by penalizing the accident scene filming craze.

On Thursday, a truck and bus collided in Oslo. A total of 16 people were injured in the accident. The truck driver got stuck and was seriously injured. The driver later told VG that the witnesses on the scene took picture of her, instead of helping.

She told that the first people who came to the accident scene was filming and taking pictures of her with their mobile phones. She asked people to quit filming and call for help.

The police opened an investigation against the eyewitnesses who took photo and filmed the victims instead of helping them.

Violation of the statutory duty to help one in need is a crime, noted the police.

– All citizens have a duty to help someone who needs help. It is a legal responsibility by law, “said Erdal Karaagac, section leader in Oslo Police.

A number of people who were early at the scene of the accident are being questioned. The police investigate if to what extent did their actions delayed call for help.

Prohibited in Sweden

Sweden previously introduced a new law, which prohibits “integrity violations” according to NRK. The law is interpreted as a prohibition against private individuals taking photos of people involved in accidents.

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