Norway Takes Lead in International Fight Against Phone Scams

Norway is taking a leading role in the fight against phone scams, with a new international initiative that aims to reduce the number of scam calls and SMS messages that reach consumers.

The initiative, called GIRAF, brings together 21 countries to share information and best practices for combating phone scams. Norway will lead the initiative, which will focus on identifying and blocking scam calls and SMS messages at their source.

“Phone scams are a serious problem that can have a devastating impact on individuals and businesses,” said John-Eivind Velure, acting director of the Norwegian Communications Authority (Nkom). “By working together, we can share information and develop new strategies to stop these scams before they reach our citizens.”

Norway’s Experience in Fighting Phone Scams

Norway has been at the forefront of the fight against phone scams for several years. In 2022, Nkom and the Norwegian police launched a joint initiative to block scam calls. The initiative was successful in blocking over 100 million scam calls in 2022.

The Norwegian experience has been valuable in developing the GIRAF initiative. Norway will share its knowledge and expertise with other participating countries, and will help them to develop their own anti-phone scam strategies.

International Cooperation is Key

Velure said that international cooperation is essential to combat phone scams, as scammers often operate across borders.

“Scammers are quick to adapt to new technologies and strategies,” he said. “No single country or industry can solve this problem alone. That is why international cooperation is so important.”

The GIRAF initiative is a major step forward in the fight against phone scams. By working together, countries can share information, develop new strategies, and stop scammers before they reach their victims.

Here are some of the key takeaways from the article:

  • Norway is leading a new international initiative to combat phone scams.
  • The initiative, called GIRAF, brings together 21 countries.
  • Norway will share its experience in fighting phone scams with other participating countries.
  • International cooperation is essential to combat phone scams.
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