Name of the Bridge Collapse Victims Announced

Both the police and the Labour Inspectorate expects a lengthy investigation of the accident in Trondheim, where two people were killed.

The two victims were 53 years old Kjell Magne Olsen from Levanger, who worked at the site, and 37-year-old Ingeborg Gundersen from Brekken in Røros. She was driving under the bridge when it collapsed on Wednesday afternoon.

Police and the Labour Inspectorate had meetings to create a plan for the investigation on Friday, said regional director of the Labour Inspectorate, Stig Magnar Løvås to NTB.

Police crime technicians also started with technical investigations of an accident yesterday. They will continue the investigation this weekend and next week. It is therefore unclear when the details of accident can be released, police said in a statement.

About the Accident

In Trondheim, a bridge under construction was collapsed at 14.30 on Wednesday. Hundreds tons of concrete mass from the bridge fell down on the road.

In addition to a construction worker, a car passing under the bridge was buried in the mass. In total two people have died and two people have been hospitalized.

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