SV Will Regulate Dental Care Prices in Norway

After the price ceiling was abolished in 1995, it has become far more expensive to go to dentist in Norway. SV now wants to re-introduce price control to provide affordable dental care, writes TV2.

On average, each Norwegian spent 3,775 NOK (630 $) on dental services in 2008. Adjusted for inflation, it is 2.500 NOK more than in 1995. The abrupt increase is attributed to that dentists determine the prices, according to Statistics Norway. 

– We want to re-introduce  a government-imposed limit on the price charged for dental care, said Member of Parliament for SV, Rannveig Andresen.

Accordingly the party prepares a proposal which will include dental services under the public health, and set a ceiling for 2,500 NOK.

Last year, the Consumer Council had conducted a survey of dentists’ price levels, price information and treatment options across the country. The survey had revealed major shortcomings, differentials and unpleasent conditions.

Accordingly, many clinics are careless in giving extra fees and charges, and rates are set up in different ways. Moreover, dentists are using many incomprehensible scientific terms and denominations on the invoice that most people do not understand. 

Despite the competition among the dentists in Oslo, the dentists in the capital have a high price level. The most expensive clinics in Oslo charges up to 13,000 NOK for the same treatments that cost under 8000 kroner at a public clinics in western Norway.

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