Drive Fast, Die Young in Norway

Preliminary figures from the Emergency Police (UP) shows that the number of people killed in traffic accidents in 2009 is 214. This is the lowest number since the 1950s.

Preliminary figures show that 214 were killed in traffic and 29.12.09, and it is assumed that the number of fatalities for the entire year will be below 220. There is a decline of almost 14 percent from 2008. Preliminary figures show that the number of severely injured traffic in 2009 will be just under 1 000 people when the year soon exhausted.Traffic safety work is characterized by long-term planning and cooperation between many actors, and a decrease in the number of killed and severely injured in traffic is the goal for all our work, says HumlegÄrden.

The traffic is actually nesten 10-doubled since 1950, says Finn Harald Amundsen, head of road safety section of the Directorate of Public Roads.However, it is worrisome that the UP in 2009, has seized a number of driving licenses for speed, alcohol and behavior in traffic than ever before. UP seized Over 6,500 drivers license in 2009, said the UP chief. The increase in seizures during the last 5 years is 79%. This is a result, a determined effort against those who pose the greatest danger in traffic. Most drivers are reasonable and legitimate, but unfortunately we see that many choose not to comply with the laws and regulations that exist in traffic, “said UP Chief

Drive Fast, Die Young

YouTube accidents is still too great a proportion of those killed, but there is a slight decrease in killing up to and including 25 years. The proportion of young people killed in traffic, however, shows an increase. In 2007, the proportion of young 15%, in 2009 this increased to 26%.

Of the 214 killed in 2009 are 165 men and 49 women. In particular, young boys are overrepresented in fatal accidents, said the UP chief HumlegÄrden. We also see that the young women who die are often victims.

Geographically, the North-TrĂžndelag and Akershus had the largest increase in the number of fatalities, with respectively 100% and 46%. Counties of Oppland, Vestfold, Rogaland and Nordland have all experienced a marked decline in the number of traffic killed.

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