One of Europe’s Finest Festival Sommerøya Celebrates Its 10-year Anniversary

Sommerøya, the biggest club-music festival of Scandinavia, starts tomorrow at Ekeberg kulturpark in Oslo. 

The Guardian describes Sommerøya as one of “Europe’s finest” boutique festivals, as well as a crucial player in the electronic music scene on the northern part of the continent

Festival manager, Anton Solberg says that; “As always, the festival aims to show the variance, development and the historical nuances of club music – notio ns that are highly evident in the line up .”

The finished line-up illustrates a really wide range of todays’ club-music. 

Artists range from Russian Dasha Rush Russia with her hypnotic, drone – lice techno to Kerri Chandler, American soulful house legend. Recondite will play a mesmerizing live-set, Palestinian SAMA will play her punchy techno and heavy weights such as Ben Klock, Loco Dice and Ricar do Villalobos are also set to perform.

Staying true to its roots, Sommerøya focuses on highlighting the breadth and depth of Norway’s electronic music scene. There will be improvisation from the progressive techno duo Antiklang and Norwegian pioneer; Bjørn Torske is also on the bill. Another major name is Norway’s finest live house act, Ost & Kjex and up and coming favourite Ra-shidi.

SØ18_Morteza Masuleh_387
Photo: Sommerøya/ Morteza Masuleh

Important art scene

Beside the club music, the participants will experience contemporary art and diversity. The art program of the year is “RetroRemix”. Consists of a dozen curated artists that present a variety of installatio ns and art performances during the festival.

Another amazing point is the the artists are encouraged to engage in a process and idea based collaboration through an intense five-day workshop taking place during SØ19 . The aim of this is to sample and remix each other’s material, work and ideas – a notion highly inspired by the principles of the electronic music scene. 

“A characteristic of contemporary art is precisely to fuse different art forms. The influence of music on contemporary art – and vice versa – is not a new phenomenon. Gustav Klimt famously celebrated the composer Schubert and Arnold Schönberg was greatly inspired by Kandinsky’s abstract forms when developing his atonal system.” – Tina Lindvall, curator at Sommerøya

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