Here is the Best 5th Version of Munch’s Scream

Working in collaboration with the Munch Museum and Kyle T. Webster, Adobe challenged people to digitally recreate a 5th version of Edvard Munch’s iconic masterpiece “The Scream” using brushes which had been digitally recreated and made available in Photoshop and Sketch.

After the announcement of the contest last month, Adobe received 400 entries from all over the world to the #MunchContest. Creatives the world over were inspired to try the Munch paintbrushes and experiment with Edvard Munch’s style in their own way.

Grand Prize to Johann Brangeon, France

The winning piece was judged on originality, consistency with the theme, artistic composition and creativity. Johann Brangeon from France managed to impress the jury in these categories.

Sebastien Hue, Leading Digital Artist, and one of the judges said of the entry: “I’m very impressed by this more abstract painting which feels like ‘The Scream’ in style, with the main figure in the centre. This piece of art is a very smart use of simple shapes and wise strokes to make a solid and well-balanced composition – stunning work.”

The winner of the contest received a prize of €6,000, a one-year subscription to Creative Cloud, 100 Adobe Stock images, an all-expenses paid trip to Adobe MAX in Las Vegas in October and a trip to the Munch Museum in Oslo to see his masterpiece displayed.

Here are some of the creative entries to the contest we have picked for you:

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