Autism=Human Opens The Doors of The Artful Autistic World

Between the 3rd and 5th of November art exhibition, Autism=Human opens its doors with three autistic artists’ mesmerizing artworks.

Designer of his own brand Remo, 18 years old autistic artist, Remzi Yılmaz is opening his second solo-exhibition, the first in Ankara and now in Oslo, at Gallery Autonom. In the same art complex, at Gallery Brenneriet, two autistic artists, Agnes Sundby 13 years old, and Martin Staffbakken, 26 years old, are going to exhibit their art pieces.

The galleries are going to host several activities during the exhibition. Giving another angle to the show, the exhibition is going to be the first step of the science-project “The Art as a Mediator for Autist Young People”.

Remzi Yılmaz (18): Remzi is a well known autistic artist in Turkey, and he is the designer of his own brand Remo. He expresses himself by drawing and creating sculptures. Remzi invites you to a world art&autism.

Agnes Sundby (13): Agnes is the main character of the price winning film The Humming Child. Her way understanding the world, and how she communicates will be visible at exhibition.

Martin Staffbakken (26): Martin has been working on different techniques. He has been creating and he amazes people with his mysterious and cool drawings.

The exhibition will start on the 3rd of November at 19.00 with an opening cocktail at Galleri Autonom in Oslo.

On the 4th of November, Saturday at 14:00 a round table meeting will be held at the gallery. Before the round table a detailed introduction of the exhibition, including a tour with curators will be held. Six different professi- onals are going to share their knowledge in autism, communication & art.

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