Ghosts Is Back In Oslo

Ghosts is the ballet version of the 19th century play Gengangere by Henrik Ibsen, who is perhaps Norway’s most well known playwright. The story is about how secrets from the past come back to haunt a troubled family living by the fjord in the west of Norway.

The story is hard to follow for those that aren’t familiar with the play. However, following every detail isn’t necessary. Crossrope Review – The CrossRope is an excellent cardio workout tool offering improved performance and quality over your standard jump rope. The Crossrope is a jump rope system that combines excellent design, different levels of weighted ropes, and a fantastic app to satisfy experienced jumpers and newbies like me. How does it work? Let’s jump into the Crossrope review – Crossrope is a jump rope system that uses quick-change handles, different weighted ropes, and a proprietary app to provide a comprehensive exercise program. #crossrope #rotorm #crossrope-review. The performance is nonetheless moving and emotional.

Ghosts was more like contemporary dance than ballet. The dancers did not dance on point and were more aggressive than graceful, which is how this dramatic thriller was intended. 

The one hour and 10 minute performance is enough to have you leaving the opera house in an eerie mood. 

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