Grønlandsutraen Is Uncomfortably Entertaining- Relatable and Raw.

Grønlandsutraen is a monologue written by Fredrik Høyer based on his collection of poems by the same name. However, to call it a monologue would be a bit misleading. It includes elements of stand-up comedy, litterature, hip-hop music and spoken word poetry. It is an expression of the daily distress one experiences when living in Oslo. The constant reminders that the world is a troubled places, affected by poverty, climate change and loneliness. But these concerns come and go, as does any topic of conversation.

The monologue is about how we just end up talking about the same things over and over again. Our worries and our problems are just inspired by other things that people have told us and that other people have told them. We will go on to repeat these concerns to our friends time and time again. 

Grønlandsutraen is extremely uncomfortable to watch. Everything about it, the music, the lighting, the actors’ expressions and tone of voice are unbearably awkward yet comical. It is the way that he presents such depressing topics in a whimsical manner that makes it so entertaining. It’s raw and it’s honest. Mostly, it’s relatable.

Grønlandsutraen has been playing in National Theatre in Oslo since last fall. It will be back for five more showings in the end of April due to its popularity.

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