Popular Norwegian Book About Vaginas Goes International

“Gleden med skjeden” is an informative book about vaginas written in a casual, youthful tone. It is targeted towards women between the ages of 15 and 30. However, it could be useful to women of all ages as well as men that are interested in the topic.

The co-authors of the book, Nina Brochmann and Ellen Støkken Dahl are medical students at the University of Oslo. 

Your Questions Answered

The book is entertaining and gives answers to questions that one might be afraid to ask. It teaches about different parts of the genital area, how long one can wait before having children, why women are often in pain when they menstruate, and many more curious topics. It even includes a research based orgasm guide.

And if the book didn’t answer all of your questions, you can contact them and get an answer via their blog, “Underlivet.” 

Information Not Available in Norwegian Schools

Dahl believes that the book has received so much attention due to lack of information about women’s sexual health. In an interview with NRK, she said that the sort of topics that they bring up in the book aren’t taught in Norwegian schools.

“I know how lacking the information about this topic is in Norway, and it’s surely not any better in other countries. Therefore, I am not very surprised that such an educational project has caught on,” she told NRK.

“The foreign publishers have told me that they think the book contains a unique combination of professional expertise, competence and experience, with a generous, inclusive and easy youthful use of language,” Even Råkil, copyright director of Aschehougs Oslo Literary Agency told NRK.

International Audience

According to VG, the book has already been sold to Brazil, Israel, Sweden, The Netherlands, Germany, Finland, Denmark, Italy and Spain. They have gotten offers from Australia, France, England and the US as well as many other countries.

Over the course of a few days, the rights to the book were sold to other countries for millions of Norwegian Crowns. 

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