Escape from reality in Parapark Oslo

Room escaping games are getting more and more popular all around the globe. These games have objective of trying to get out of a locked room or area by solving different kinds of puzzles. You must find keys and passwords to unlock doors and objects in order to escape within a given time. Today, Oslo also has a room escape game area in Bislett thanks to the two young entrepreneurs Miklos Barabas and Balint Szakacs.

Miklos and Balint met  first  in Hungary where Balint was teaching Norwegian classes and Miklos was one of his students. Besides their interest in Norwegian language, they had another thing in common; they had both been to Studio 113 and both loved it.  Studio 113 is the name of the first room escape game started in Hungary created by Attila Gyurkovics in 2011, which he spent one and half years to develop.

After moving to Norway Miklos got the idea to start the same concept and contacted Balint to ask if he was interested in helping him to import the game concept from their homeland to Norway. Then this offer became the start of their partnership resulting in Parapark, which was opened in March 2015.

Parapark is a group game and in order to play you must be a group of 2-6 people and be willing to get locked in an apartment together. Then you have 60 minutes to get out by finding a way to unlock the main door. The game requires none particular skills and is suitable for both kids, adults and elder people.

After you enter the room with your team and the door gets locked behind you if won’t take long time before everyone’s hearts keep being faster and you all start feeling the excitement while you are working together, exploring and solving puzzles.

There are many codes to crack and safes to open in Parapark.

“We love to give a good experience to our visitors” Szakacs says as he keeps telling about Parapark. “It is all about what we call the flow-experience. You solve one puzzle and get on with the next one. There is excitement all the way till you find your way out of the room.”

There is also no need to worry, if you are stuck and cannot solve the puzzles; because you are being watched throughout the game. In order to keep the flow, Szakacs and Barabas give you small hints through monitors put in the room, to make you look at things differently and keep you in the game.

You get accompanied by background music and sound effects to keep the tension at desired level and all the participants really need to work together in order to work efficiently and get out of the room within the time frame.

At the moment Parapark offers only one escape room. However, they are working on the next room, which is planned to be ready in a few months.

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