Hunting a Norwegian Husband with Claudia



A young woman with black hair stands in a house, speaking to a cam while dressing up for going out. In a confident tone, she chews over a thorny ambition of many women: how to get one of those handsome Norwegian husbands?


She begins her tutorial by warning against wearing colorful clothes. In the next scene, she crouches with a box of “Tyrkisk pepper”, strong liquorice candy in a garden. She first tries to attract her prey (a Norwegian man) with this candy then plays the big card, famous Norwegian confection, Kvikk Lunsj.  


With the first bite of Kvikk Lunsj, she approaches the Norwegian husband candidate  and she catches her with the rest of the confection and the help of a bed lining.


The video, titled “How to get a Norwegian Husband,” is completely hilarious to so many people. The episode has already big potential to go viral among Norway enthusiasts. The video has already amassed more than 10,000 views and been shared thousands of times in just one day.


The creator of the viral video, Claudia Garcia (a real Norwegian husband hunter) told her entertaining story to The Nordic Page.


– The only part from YouTube that is just like real life, is that my man is a sugar addict – During the filming we had a fight because he didn’t want to go in the bushes and make animal sounds.

– I am a Latina and we have pretty extreme soap opera feelings. Norwegians are more chilled, reserved .

– Norwegians are really friendly, happy people that love to help and answer the questions of little immigrants like me.

– My next video will be about the royal family



Let’s start getting to know you. Who are you?


My name is Claudia, I am 26 years old and I am that lady who is married to a Norwegian man and made the Norwegian hubby video 😉


How did you meet your husband in real life? Any overlapping part with your video ?


Terje was backpacking South America and I was working in a hostel with plans of moving to Australia. I actually met him on my last day at work, right before finishing my shift. He was always nice to me, helping me with my films and stuff, but he was just a friend. One day I decided to man up and ask him out but before I said nothing, he told me he met a girl at a club and… well… did grown up things with her.


The next day I went to a club with some friends and there he was. We started dancing and he was all flirty, then I told him that I knew he liked me, but he was always with frivolous girls and that he was an idiot.


He thought it was really cute that I was an angry-drunk and told me he always liked me, but didn’t think I would like him too. A month later I was picking him up from the airport in Melbourne.


The only part from YouTube that is just like real life, is that my man is a sugar addict. When I want to make him happy I get him a treat and I get the same reactions as in the video 🙂



How long have you been living in Norway and what is your impression as a person who is married to a Norwegian?


I have been married for 8 months and it  sucks (just joking) But yeah, kids of the world: Marriage is a very serious matter.


What can I say, I am a Latina and we have pretty extreme soap opera feelings. I love my drama and my crying. Norwegians (at least my Norwegian) are more chilled, reserved and have total control over their emotions.

I think my husband and I had a lot of trouble at the beginning of our relationship, trying to understand that we are completely different people, from completely different cultures and that we can’t change each other.


Of course there is the positive, its so much fun for us to learn about each others’ countries, languages and food. There is always something new to talk about. Terje is definitely the coolest guy I have ever met and life would stink without him.


Did you have any presumptions on Norwegian life style and Norwegian men before you have met your husband? If so, did they change?


I always imagined that Norwegians wore big sweaters, played in the snow and ate salmon all the time. Then I came to Norway and realized it was true (laughing).


One thing that did change was the fact that everyone told me Norwegians were cold and unfriendly with strangers; I am the kind of person that talks to people in supermarkets/buses and I completely disagree with that.


In my opinion Norwegians are really friendly, happy people that love to help and answer the questions of little immigrants like me.



What are the challenges and funny moments in your life in Norway and your marriage?


This summer Terje and I went to the beach and that was pretty bizarre. The bus stops in the city were PACKED with people, umbrellas, floating devices, picnic baskets, polka dots, and all sorts of summery things. Everywhere kids crying, people laughing, so much commotion… and there was me, in a corner like a hamster about to have a heart attack.


That day I saw  probably 200 people going to the same place as us, that plus the group that soon would be waiting for the next ferry. It was just really strange to see so many people desperate to go the beach. We took a bus, then walked, then a ferry, then walked.


In my home town, the beach is 5 minutes away and not everyone wants to use it at the same time. Terje was splashing and rolling around like a 5 year old, I was naked laying on a rock enjoying my Scandinavian freedom.


How did you come up with the idea of creating that Youtube channel and specifically that famous video?


I thought a few times that there must be so many people in my position out there. People here for work, studies, looking for a better life or people that simply moved here because they fell in love and then they were suddenly told “from now on this is your home”.


Imagine how hard is to call a place “HOME”, when you know nothing about it. Thats why I decided to start this channel, to talk about things like bunads, wasa bread… axel hennie! It would be wonderful to teach people all the silly things I learned about these past months.

And of course THAT video… I was smoking a cigarette outside my house and I came up with the idea, I really don’t remember how, but I guess it was somehow dedicated to people that have this “goal” of getting a foreign spouse and probably look online for things like “how to get a rich husband” “how to catch a gringo” hahaha. So, I went back in, told Terje about it and asked him for help. During the filming we had a fight because he didn’t want to go in the bushes and make animal sounds. He is a shy guy sometimes.



What kind of reactions did you have after publishing the video?


Very good reactions. I was so surprised of how many people liked it. The day I uploaded the video I was thinking that cyber bullies were going to eat me alive for my retarded humor. Before I went to bed I had 100 views and one subscriber, the next day the thing exploded and tons of people were writing really sweet and supportive comments. I was just sitting there reading the messages and not believing what was going on.


Do you have plans of producing more videos?


Yes, definitely. This whole craziness got me really motivated to keep making videos. I just hope I don’t make any junky stuff and then all the love turns into hate.


I think my next video will be about the royal family, I am working on it right now and I am terrified about the peoples response to it.


I don’t know how their reactions will be, when I change from funny short video to more serious topics.


Any other suggestions or comments for those who wished this video should have been seriously instructing how to get a Norwegian husband? 🙂


Same old, same old… just be yourself! But if you are desperate, go to a bar… Norwegians are extremely friendly when they drink. if I was lonely and not married to the sexiest viking alive, I would probably do that. But you know, I think most men in the world, regardless of their culture will like a friendly girl. So if you are an evil woman who hates everything and everyone… then you probably shouldn’t be yourself and then you will get a husband.




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