Traditional Hove Festival is Shut Down

The local newspaper, Agderposten, today announced that Hove Festival will not be arranged again by its current organizers. Hove Republic arranged their 8th Hove Festival this year, and it looks as though it might be the last Hove Festival as well.

The British company Gaiety Holding Ltd. which is currently the only and main stockholder of the shares in Hove Republic, announced a 3,5 million NOK deficit after this year’s Hove Festival. When entering 2014, Hove Festival was already on the wrong side of the zero with a 5,6 million NOK deficit. 

How bad it may look, Hove Republic has not yet given up the festival and is looking optimistic towards a new reunion with Hove and Arendal in the future. Hove Republic will be in discussion throughout 2015 and states “We hope that the discussions in 2015 will lead to Hove making a return”. I think music lovers all over the world agree and also wish for a return for the festival.

About Hove Festival

Hove Festival is an annual Norwegian music festival which was hosted for the first time the 26th to 30th June 2007. The festival has its name from the nature area Hove at Tromøy Island. Both the concert areas and the festival camp are located in this area. The festival presents international and Norwegian artists, and in addition gives access to art exhibitions and movies that have not yet hit the cinemas.

“Norway’s premier music festival, Hove Festival, is a four day midweek party for all people believing that combining the best artists with on site camping, nature, beaches, water and idyllic suroundings form the ultimate festival experience.” writes Hove Republic.

This year the festival welcomed The Offspring, Disclosure, Bastille, Trentemøller, Azealia Banks, Bring Me The Horizon, Of Mice & Men and more.


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