Norway TV Funeral Show Attracts International Attention

With a coffin on the roof of her car, presenter Namra Saleem visits famous people in Norway to talk about death and asks them to plan their funerals. In the first episode of the program, ,«Kisten», which was aired on Monday, Saleem visited Norwegian rock group D.D.E singer Bjarne Brøndbo. In the program Brondbo was asked to decorate his own coffin. He did it by drawing a portrait of himself on the coffin, which he also autographed. 

Talking to NRK, DDE singer admits he has begun to think more about death as he has grown older. 

The programme’s producer, Nils Gelting Andresen, says the series is a “feel-good show about death”, and his mission is to break the taboo surrounding mortality while letting the public get to know celebrities better.

NRK recently made international headlines with its slow TV concept featuring hours of train journey, making bonfire and knitting.

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