Norway’s Jo Nesbø Book Becomes DiCaprio Movie

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the producers in Warner Brothers and has expressed that he wants to play the starring role in the movie, writes Aftenposten.

– We have signed a contract for the book Blood on Snow which launches next year, a book Nesbø writes under the pen name Tom Johansen. It is sold to Warner Brothers and Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the producers, and he has even expressed interest in playing the starring role, says Tor Jonasson from Salomonssons Agency, selling the author’s books to international markets.


The movie based on the book Blood on Snow will be a movie produced by Warner Brothers and another book of the author Hodejegerne will be a HBO-series.

Besides Nesbø wrote script for the drama series Okkupert, a serie on Norwegian national TV NRK about Russian invasion.

According to Aftenposten, Nesbø has sold 23 million books around the world and he is number one on the New York Times best seller list.

Blood on Snow, will be published in autumn 2014 with the second, Blood On Snow 2 (working title), to follow in spring 2015. 

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