Norway’s July 22 Massacre Memorial Sites are Touching

Director of KORO/Public Art Norway Svein Bjørkås announced in the end of February the jury’s evaluation of submissions and final decision in the closed competition July 22 Memorial sites. The jury’s decision was unanimous, voting Swedish artist Jonas Dahlberg as winner of the competition for design of a memorial to remember the victims of a 22 July 2011 bombing and mass shooting that killed 77 people in Oslo and Utoya island. 

Dahlberg’s designs will become the two public-art memorials – one in Hole and one in Oslo. The memorial sites is produced by KORO – Kunst i Offentlige Rum. 

Jonas Dahlbergs practice has been described as an exploration of the relationship between physical and psychological spaces. The works often take architecture, the street or interiors as their point of departure, but are more concerned with internal rather than external landscapes.

-A common feature of Dahlberg’s different works is that they encourage the viewer to create their own internal imagery through the associations and memories that Dahlberg’s juxtapositions give rise to. In this way, Dahlberg’s works intertwine dream and reality, and we – as viewers – are invited to participate in the content of the works, said the jury.

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