What Would You Miss, If You Had to Leave Norway?

The result
is surprising. Leo Tolstoy once said “All happy families are alike; each
unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” The result indicates the same
pattern showing that what people miss is different, while what they will not
miss is quite similar.

3 things that you will miss about Norway if you leave the country

“Family. And only family,”
says Fredrik Johansen.

“Skiing, nature and Freia
milk chocolate,” says Anooshka.

“First is nature. It’s
amazing that you can be in the middle of the forest just taking the t-bane, 20
minutes from Nationaltheatret,” noted Jimena Marín Jaime. “ Second is the Norwegian
lifestyle: really relaxed, sporty and healthy. And the third thing I will miss,
in my case,  is the opportunity to meet
people all around the world. I mean, even though Norway is a small country, i
found that there is a really cool social mixture,” says she.

Maud Berge states, “The
main street Karl Johan, the fantastic garden by the castle and Aker Brygge.”

“Cheap salmon. Chateau
Neuf. Skiing,” says Kristin Vego.

3 things you will not miss?

“Rain, the dark hours in
winter and high prices,” from Anooshka.

Kristin Vego states, “ I
will not miss: ridiculously expensive beer. The cold. The bread.”

“Wet cold snow, the dark in
the winter and the lack of more international cuisine,” says Maud Berge.

“Snow and winter,” says
Fredrik Johansen.

Jimena Marín Jaime
offers her opinion compared with her home country,“The weather (especially from
November to… we don’t know haha). The cost of some products: for example,
buying a beer or beef in the supermarket.  I wont miss the silence in some places… I do
miss to hear people in Spain talking all the time! Even though it killed me
when i was living there. But I like Norway, I don’t regret at all having come

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