Nazi Zombie’s Revenge, Dead Snow 2 – Red vs Dead

Please note that the trailer includes a lot of violence and gore.

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Dead Snow 2 picks up where Dead Snow ends. Martin, the only survivor of the zombie army bloodbath at Easter mountain, wakes up in the hospital, missing one of his arms. He led the Nazizombie’s down from the mountain and the doctors replaced his arm with the arm of zombie leader Herzog.

It does not take long before the arm turns to Martin and shred everyone on his path. As he escapes from the massacre, Martin is contacted by “The Zombie Squad” – directly from zombie films homeland: USA. 

There are plenty of new ways in which zombies dispatch people and people dispatch zombies, with the inventive use of intestines, garden tools and kitchenware. But the only way to actually end Herzog’s invasion is to wake his Nazi-era enemies — the Soviets — from their undead slumber for the ultimate Reds vs. Nazis battle on a manicured communal lawn in a small, contemporary Norwegian town.


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 Official site


 Norway | Iceland



Release Date:

 12 February 2014 (Norway)

Also Known As:

Død Snø 2

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