A melting point in Oslo: Kitchen and bar

Which quality makes a place distinguished from the others? Why do we get used to some environments very easily while feeling detached in some other atmospheres and then we never drop in again? Our long exploration to find the answer to these questions started on the livid Oslo streets in an exceptionally warm October day. 

While looking for a refresher after a tiring interview, we dropped in a restaurant- bar standing on the corner of Møllergt facing Youngstorget. The name of the place is Kjøkken og Bar. When I step in this place and got chance to talk to the owner, I recalled a conversation with my dear friend Ahmed last year. 

As an interior decorator, he had expressed that it is possible to see a place as a mirror of the personality, world view and life style of its owner. We learn that the man who welcomes us at the door is one of the shareholders of the restaurant and set on a sincere dialogue with him while waiting for our lunch. 

He actively involves in every step of serving and we witness how good rapport he has developed with the customers of Kjøkken og Bar. He tells they have been running this place for 7 years with his constant smiling and energy. 

Previously, there was another restaurant which used to work for five years and we took over and transformed it with a new concept, he adds. As our conversation goes on, I realize how Ahmed was true about his statement. The decoration and atmosphere of the place reflects the brightness and energy of this man. Even though patterns in dark colours decorate the wall, you can feel a freshness as the sun is not blocked by high buildings. Kjøkken og Bar takes the advantage of spaciousness of Youngstorget. Because of its location near to political parties and media centres, they have a colourful customer profiles from politicians to media members. Also after 23:00 til 3.00 a.m., the bar visiting starts. He says they have a big group of regular customers beside visitors. 

Especially their nomination as the cleanest kitchen by the inspectors in last year increases their popularity. They even have a Facebook group created for Kjøkken og Bar community and currently have 107 members from the customers. When he rushes for helping the new customer to park her car, we approach to the ’chief of the bartenders’- Maylem-. While answering our questions, she does not fall behind helping her collegaus in service. For her, this cooperation among the workers is one of the best part of this place. Though she says everybody is good at their work, we learn that she is the master in preparing ’Mohitos’. 

If you are asking the menu, in Kjøkken og Bar, they offer from small dishes to warm lunch till 23:00.You can find the menu options in detail from their website in both Norwegian and English:

Even if you have not gone there, you will see Kjøkken og Bar is one of those places you can easily feel comfortable. They are also opening a new and bigger place just opposite to the current one very soon. 

Kjøkken og Bar: Møller Gt 16- 0154 Oslo Tel: 22 41 50 06 

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