Nobel Peace Prize Concert Held in Oslo

For the past nineteen years, on the day after the Nobel awards ceremony, the Nobel Peace Prize concert has recognized the laureate’s achievements with a musical tribute.

OPCW’s Director-General Ahmet Uzumcu and other representatives of the organization attended to the concert.

In her speech, Uzumcu said they were not well known by neither people nor the politicians before the prize. Also he praised his colleagues work in Syria.

At the start of the concert, Swedish singer Zara Larsson performed her song “Uncover”. American singer-songwriter Mary J. Blige, Morrissey, British singers Morrissey, Jake Bugg and James Blunt, Swedish rapper-reggae artist Timbuktu, Norwegian group Envy and Syrian musician Omar Souleyman also performed at the concert.

About the Concert

The Nobel Peace Prize Concert has been held annually since 1994 on 11 December, one day after the date of Alfred Nobel’s death, to honour the Nobel Peace Prize laureate. The award ceremony on 10 December takes place in the Oslo City Hall, while the concert is in the Oslo Spektrum Arena, with the attendance of the laureate and other prominent guests. The arena receives approximately 6,500–7,000 guests and the concert is broadcast to over 100 countries.

The concert features performers from a wide range of musical genres, the exception being the year of 1995, when a classical concert was held instead. Several editions of the concert are recorded, with different lengths and content, for airing in several countries.

The hosts give descriptions of the winner’s work, an interview of the winner is shown and the winner gives a speech during the concert.

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