Hydro and Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology sign anniversary agreement

Hydro, led by its founder Sam Eyde, was one of the main contributors to the establishment of NMST in 1914. Hydro’s CEO Svein Richard Brandtzæg believes it is therefore very fitting to partner with the museum at this time.

“Hydro has always built its business on developing technology and using natural resources in the best way possible. We definitely want to support an anniversary that marks the importance of technology and technology development for society,” he says.

Cooperating on new exhibition

During the 100 year jubilee celebrations, NMST has planned numerous events and exhibitions. Through the agreement, Hydro and the museum will collaborate on the anniversary exhibition “Things – Technology and Democracy” that will run until the end of 2015.

“The exhibition is spectacular and innovative and will engage and involve audiences of all ages,” says Hans Weinberger, executive director of the Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology. The museum is producing the exhibition in collaboration with one of the world’s most renowned exhibition designers, Ralph Appelbaum Associates.

To inspire young and old

In June 1914 the 100th anniversary of the Norwegian Constitution was celebrated with a big jubilee exhibition in Frogner Park. The exhibition, attended by 1.5 million people, was the starting point for the museum, located today in Kjelsås in Oslo.

“The mission of the museum has always been to document the emergence of modern Norway, and to inspire and communicate to students and the public about technology, innovation, science and history,” says Weinberger.

In 2012 the museum had over 250,000 visitors.

Fits well

Brandtzæg, who has a significant personal interest in technology and its development, says that the museum’s mission fits perfectly with the company’s historical commitment to research and innovation.

“Through our 108 year history, Hydro has always been a technology-driven company. We are dedicated to encouraging young people’s curiosity and inspiring them to pursue education in technical subjects,” he said.

The agreement between the museum and the aluminium producer extends until the end of 2015.

“We are very pleased to have Hydro on board for the anniversary celebration and this agreement continues the long association between Hydro and the Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology,” says Weinberger.

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