Dating App Tinder Swings Norway

The world’s fastest growing dating app, Tinder is about to swipe away online dating market in Norway, writes NRK. 

– We grow about five percent every day. It’s completely insane, says marketing director and founder of the app Justin Mateen to

The app uses Facebook to retrieve some information about a user like name, gender, age, sexual orientation, and a handful of images. Then the process begins. Tinder seeks the potential candidates in your area.

The only thing the user needs to deal with is to decide whether the person in the picture proposed by the app to you is attractive or not. If you like what you see, you swipe to the right. If you do not like the candidate, you swipe to the left.

If two people like each other’s profile picture, then Tinder open up chat. A person who is rejected does not know that he or she has been rejected.

Judging by appearance

Relationship expert and psychologist Frode Thuen is highly critical of the app. He says people rely on only looking at the image of the potential partner and the ’appearence’ is not good enough when searching for a partner.

Thune believes the journey to know each other is more important than having the very best image.

– It is shocking when you only judge by appearance. If you do not use these types of services, you can discover things along the way, says he.

He also believes this application heavily favors those with an attractive physical appearance, which can be painful for those who do not have the same strong side.

– This is “the winner takes it all”. If you are very pretty, you have many cards to play. If you do not have so much to set up, you fall short. The feeling of failure is more present on that kind of apps, says relationship expert.

The app developer Mateen on the other hand thinks this part of the app is a strength and he names Thinder as an ego-boost for people.

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