World’s Music Comes to Oslo

Oslo World Music Festival is celebrating it’s 20th anniversary. So far, the festival has  brought the best examples of music from all over the world to Norway, with a primary focus on Asia, Africa and Latin-America. 

This is a world music festival in the right sense of the word, with artists from all over the world, many of whom are in Oslo for the first time in their lives. – We hope this creates interest and understanding of the values that are inherent in the cultural expressions of others. Every year we present artists from every corner of the world. We are proud to be an Oslo-based festival and, in recent years, have focused on presenting music from great cities all over the world, writes the festival organizer committee in a press release.

The 2013 festival takes place between 29th October and 3rd November. Over six days you can experience over 300 artists from all over the world perform on 18 different venues all over Oslo. 

Throughout the festival, you can listen all kinds of music from flamenco, Nigerian soul and fado, electronica, hip hop and dessert blues. 

This year’s artists:

Mari Boine & KORK, Mayra Andrade, Taksim Trio, Javid Asfari Rad pres. Rumi Ensemble & Mohammad Motamedi, Argentina, Teta, Taraf de Haiduks, Antonio Zambujo, Skip & Die, Brazz Brothers & Trio Preto + 1, Generasjon X-Ray, Berit Opheim & Rolf Lislevand & Fant-Karl

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