A Photo Worth of One Million NOK

talented photographer Fery Nourkami’s national portrait in front of
the Norwegian royal family’s palace had attracted attention of
Norwegian media two years ago. Nourkami had gathered Crown Prince
Haakon Magnus and people from 76 nationalities lined up to be
photographed. The young photographer was inspired with the idea to
reflect the diversity of Norway.

now comes with another striking photography idea by bringing her
primary school friends together after twenty five years to take a
picture and connect it with the old photo from school days.

interview section of the photography project, the classmates tell
what they wanted to be in the future and what they are actually doing
right now. In this sense, the project is not only a school re-union
but a rich personal record reflecting people’s life journey. This
snapshot is so valuable for the young photographer that she prices it
for one million NOK.

This is my past, and it cannot be valued. It was fun to gather my
classmates again. We are the same, but only with a more mature face,
says Nourkami.

is happy that she got to meet classmates again. It is a great event
for me to exhibit one of the images that means a lot to me – the old
and the new class photo from Grinder school. Therefore, I price it
for one million NOK, says she with a constant smile on her face.

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