First Art Triennale “Bergen Assembly” Opens in Norway

“The Assembly is conceived as a set or archipelago of fictional research institutions with a little reminiscent of sections of the novel, each of which will be in one of the actually existing institutions from Bergen. This set of exhibitions will be a retelling of the stories of some ethno-fiction, scams and fables in the presence of golems and monsters of our own time. To clarify – this is not direct references to the novel but rather a visual essay, which compares strange analogies and unexpected perspectives,” – specified the idea of curators in the press service of exhibition.

Around 40 artists will attend Art Triennale, among them – Minze Tummescheit and Arne Hector directors, Ilya&Emilia Kabakov artists, a Swiss musician and composer Christian von Borries, artist Dora Garcia and many others. 

The projects of the triennale are located on ten different urban areas. Among them are the Kunsthalle Bergen which became “The Institute of disappearing future”, and different parts of Bergen Art Museum are turned into “Institute of anti-formalism” and “Institute of imaginary states” which are parts of the novel by Strugatsky brothers.

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