Record Ice-Cream Sale in Norway

Norway has had good weather for weeks, and now bright summer reached the whole country. The temperature being just under 30 degrees in several places made the sale of ice cream go upwards.

Both Hennig-Olsen and Diplom-Is companies producing ice cream in Norway, avowed the increase of icecream sales. 

-The last month has been fantastic. I guess we set a new record in July this year, unless I have concrete numbers, says Paal Hennig-Olsen, CEO of Hennig-Olsen. He affirmed that he reason could be a very nice weather, and people having vacation and enjoying themselves.

-We are far above the previous year, – confirms also Jan Kåre Midthjell, the operational and distribution director of Diplom-Is. We have grown by at least 20 percent this month, he said.

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