Ensemble Free Theater Norway Supports Freedom of Expression in Belarus

In 2011, the Solidarity with Belarus Information Office held their first international journalism competition, Belarus In Focus.  Awarded as one of the winners in the competition for his essay “When Theatre is ´Thoughtcrime´,” about the work of Belarus Free Theatre, McCall was inspired by SBIO´s international competition for journalists.  Why not do something similarly through theater & dramatic literature?  
Theater artists have organized similar international projects in recent years, using creativity and drama to capture a global audience´s attention towards a specific issue, cause, or subject.  McCall is indebted to two in particular: Theatre Communications Group´s Shinsai: Theaters for Japan and Gun Control Theatre Action, organized by NoPassport Theatre Alliance & The Vicious Circle.  
Belarusian Dream Theater aims to increase awareness about contemporary Belarus through culture, storytelling, and theater.  Playwrights of all nationalities are invited to give voice to those subjects current undiscovered in our news media on Belarus, so that local and foreign audiences may more deeply engage with the country and its people.
The Belarusian Dream Theater plays will be presented by a team of international partner-theaters from around the world on 25 March 2014 – Belarusian Freedom Day.  Each group may stage as many of these plays as they wish, either as readings and/or performances; and are responsible for their own casting, rehearsal, and other production-related responsibilities.  We ask that all performances be free and open to the public.
The following groups are confirmed as partner-theaters in Belarusian Dream Theater:
Bennington College – Bennington, VT, USA
Cummins Theatre – Merredin, WA, Australia
Florence International Theatre Company – Florence, Italy
Global Theatre Project – Los Angeles, CA, USA
Korniag Theatre – Minsk, Belarus
Maladype Theater – Budapest, Hungary
Memento Teaterkompani – Oslo, Norway
Out Of Balanz – Copenhagen, Denmark
Square Theatre Company – Athens, Greece
Strefna WolnaSlowa – Warsaw, Poland
TLS Frankfurt – Frankfurt, Germany
TRESS Teaterkompani – Oslo, Norway
To become a partner, you can visit the website of Ensemble Free Theater Norway. 

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