Justin Bieber Tickets Stolen in Oslo

All three concerts of the Canadian pop star Justin Bieber at Telenor Arena in April have been sold out. The concert promoter in the country, Atomic AS confirmed that some tickets and some cash were stolen at their Oslo office during the Christmas break.

The three performances by Bieber will take place on 16, 17 and 18 April and all the tickers has long been sold out and the organizer company will not put out extra tickets.

Peer Osmundsvaag from the company said to TV2 that they are not afraid the stolen tickets to be used to get into the concerts. But he has concerns for the people who may have bought the tickets on black market.

– These tickets have serial numbers and been already canceled in our system. If someone shows up and tries to get in with one of the stolen tickets, they will be detected and rejected, he said.

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