One man puts a smile on the faces of many!

25 years Old Filip Lund is a master student at Norways College of music,
and last night, he held a concert in his own guitar school, in Majorstuen, where
nearly 40 people were present. He played five long songs where every song
started with him telling about its origin. After the concert, people enjoyed
with wine and juice while talking. The chattering between them was all about
how good he was.

 “What an extraordinary man, he is
like the king of the guitar”

The concert was meant as a taste of his master exam concert that is to
take place in June. Filip says three things are needed to put up a show like he

“It takes a lot of preparation, a good audience and a nice place to

He is the one and only

Charless Emakpur  is one of those who
were amazed . Even though he came at the last minute, he says he enjoyed every
last bit of it.

“I knew this concert was going to be amazing, because nobody does it
like Filip. Before him there were nobody and after him there will be nobody.

Makes a living out of the

Filip Lund started playing guitar when he was just eleven years old, and
when he started at the music college, he knew this is what he wanted to do for
the rest of his life. In late 2010 he therefore opened his own guitar school in
Majorstuen, Schultzgate2, which is one of the biggest and most popular guitar
schools in Oslo. He says the reason he opened it is because he wanted to make a
living, but also to teach others who want to do the same as he does.

 This guitar school has a great
impact on the Norwegian community, because not only do many have an opportunity
to learn the best guitar technics, but some also have a chance to be employed. Filip
Lund, Together with the co-owner Christine Sandsengen , offer  Guitar classes to all people of all ages in
form of private lessons and group lessons. 

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