Bieber-mania comes back to Oslo

It isn`t long ago since Justin Bieber visited Oslo Norway and sang four
songs outside of the Opera house, but the fans can`t  get enough of him.  Now they are counting down days for when he
is coming back. “we can`t wait until he returns, it is just 59 days left” .

While standing in front of Cubus on the main street of Oslo, Karl
Johansgate, screaming and singing Biebers songs, the fans were excitingly
waiting for his new collection to come out. They say the  main reason is because they support him. “Bieber
has our back and we support him in all that he does”

The collection   is made of tops, t-shirts, jackets, hoodies,
and Jewries in Justin Biebers favorite color and with his stamp on. 

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