OCC Brings The International Community Around Norwegian Christmas Dinner

The colorful organization began with a presentation by adviser Eirik Løkke from the Norwegian think tank CIVITA. He talked about the US election and why Barack Obama succeeded against Romney. 
After the presentation, the very best of Norwegian Christmas food were served, with accompanying beverages. While the guests were enjoying the foods, Ski Big Band with their 19 musicians and famous jazz singer Majken Christensen performed an unforgettable jazz concert.
“I feel a strong atmosphere of an international Christmas here, we have 150 guests from more than 40 countries— it’s great!” said the managing director of OCC, Lars-Kåre Legernes in his welcoming speech. 
The colorful dinner organized by Oslo Chamber of Commerce (OCC) is an annual event in the OCC’s main quarter, which is the largest of 15 private law chambers of commerce in Norway. 
In addition to the regular seminars throughout the year, OCC organizes the Christmas Dinner in November where expats can gather, share information, good food, drink, music and entertainment in a relaxing environment. 
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