Fall Swathed from Head to Toe in Green

There has been lots of curiosity about the colors gracing the chart for this season. Last fall, we saw lively colors. While this fall, it appears that the fashion world has fallen in love with green all over again.

There are some colors which have actually always been a part of our lives. But when the fashion world turns insistently back to these colors, we become aware of their presence in our lives more acutely. Green is one of these colors. Many people have wardrobes dotted with outfits in tones of green. But this fall, get ready to make more room for that color, as a real green season now awaits us! Green is actually one of the colors best suited for the autumn season. Though it might remind some very strongly of the spring, green is also one of the main tones for autumn. For example, we will be seeing lots of khaki green this fall, reminiscent of drying green leaves. But that’s not all. There will be dark green, grass green, olive green, jewel-like tones, and mint green, all for the picking!

What If you decide to dress all in one color?

One trend that has gained popularity in recent years is monochromatic dressing, and the truth is, this style makes it possible to achieve a chic look without too much work. This formula works in the coming season for the color green. Famous fashion houses showing their collections in London and at New York Fashion Week chose to go with head to toe green tones, a stylishly monochromatic look. Sometimes the outfits were all of the same tone of green, from shoe to handbag to jacket, creating a beautiful silhouette of green. If you decide to dress all in one color, you can utilize different fabrics in your outfit to achieve a unique and chic look. For example, a cashmere jacket over a leather skirt, both in the same color, but decidedly different fabrics, with perhaps a chiffon blouse to complete the look. Or think about a green velvet jacket with a silk blouse or shirt underneath, in the same color tone.

Unique differences are hidden in the details in the coming season. Take, for example, the Hermes nubuck green jacket, with cuffs that stand out with their green leather. Or the collection prepared by Givenchy, with its khaki green tones paired with blocks of white and grey. The photos shot for this collection were done in dense forest surroundings. And so we see that during this time when we have started longing for more nature in our lives, and when it seems the hunters spirit is reawakened in us, fashion has turned back towards green. In this way, designers have succeeded in reminding city dwellers of all the green that really does exist out there.

Unexpected color harmony

If what you want is to wear your green combined with other colors, you might see some quite unexpected color combinations out there. For example, while you might think of combining a long khaki green outer coat with some brown shoes or boots, this year we are seeing some striking silver shoes on the fashion runways. Or you might see a long skirt in tones of gray paired with a green shirt. Be prepared to see designs that bring together khaki green and blue. For an example of a more classic chic look color combination, there is always green paired with black. One of the best examples of this particular pairing can be seen in the Victoria Beckham collection. And if you are one of those who swear by opposites, you could try one of the seasons more striking color trends, by combining a very trendy orange with your green; orange accessories are abound these days, and are also very chic.

From royal gardens to outfits

Designer Mary Katrantzou was given high marks by fashion critics for her summer collection, with lots of talk set to surround her 2012 fall-winter season collection as well. This designer uses graphic prints in her work, and has created one of the more green collections shown yet. This designer says she found her inspiration in the royal gardens, with the garden greens reflected in her collection’s beautiful jersey cuts. A chiffon dress with deep green jersey sleeves brings to mind fresh grass in a garden. Sometimes the green shows up in green garden-print dresses, with black lace details, creating an unexpected level of ‘chicness’. Katrantzou is also a fan of peplum; look out for her name, you are sure to hear it more and more. In this framework, it also appears that graphic prints are sure to keep the fashion world occupied in the coming seasons.

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