Weekend is Spiced Up with Oslo Horse Show

Oslo Horse Show gives the audience and participants a peek into the international equestrian sport of show jumping, which has become one of the biggest and most popular sports in Europe.

The second weekend of October each year, Oslo Spektrum is transformed into a riding arena and stable for horses and riders from all over the world.

But Oslo Horse Show is much more than just show jumping. On the programme are also show classes, international dressage, eventing, western – and top entertainment from home and abroad. Oslo Horse Show shows the breadth of Norwegian equestrian sport.

Norwegian and fellow show jumping stars from around the world are preparing for the show of all times, or at least they will be trying to surpass last year’s great success. Telenor Arena will reach the bursting point with music and singing from the happy 80’s. And guess what, the world’s leading show jumper has promised to warm up his singing voice due to this excellent chance to sing it out loudm, in front of a big audience. Since he is of the same national origin as ABBA, who knows what will happen with his career after this!If you feel like dancing after this, that is possible. There will be a great party at Quality Expo Hotel for riders and everyone who wish to go. Someone has to look after and try to steer the show jumping riders in the right direction when they are given free reins like this. They had a huge success last year doing this, the dragartist Terje Schrøder and the Norwegian former show jumper André Ringelien. These two have no boundaries, Terje will be arrowing from up above, he will be hoisted down into the arena in a huge dress that weighs 40 kilograms – with wings!

Saturday 13th of October
08:00 Amateur Gold Tour Finals, 1,35 m, show jumping - Watch Live
09:35 Hestesport Cup Finals, Junior, 1,40 m, show jumping - Watch Live
10:50 Kubberød CSI5* 1,40 m, International show jumping - Watch Live
12:35 Ponyshow category 3, show jumping - Watch Live
13:10 Mestertølt B-finals, Icelandic horses - Watch Live
13:40 Familyshow - Watch Live
14:10 Agility - Watch Live
14.40 Grand Prix Special, International dressage, CDI3* - Watch Live
16:00 French Frogs - Watch Live
16:30 Rikstoto Grand Prix CSI5* – International show jumping - Watch Live
18:40 Saddledeal Small Grand Prix pony, show jumping - Watch Live
19:25 Saddledeal Grand Prix Pony, show jumping - Watch Live
20:30 RIDERS VIP SHOW : Costume show jumping, Puissance bareback with the intention of breaking records - Watch Live

Sunday 14th of October 
08:30 Amateur Silver Tour Finals, 1,25 m, show jumping - Watch Live
10:35 Kingsland Finals, CSI5* 1,45 m, show jumping - Watch Live
12:15 French Frogs - Watch Live
12:30 Rolex FEI World Cup CSI5* – International show jumping - Watch Live
14:45 Familyshow, with Spanish equestrianism - Watch Live
15:00 Shetland Pony Racing - Watch Live
15:18 Agility - Watch Live
16:00 Agria Grand Prix Freestyle, International dressage, CDI3* - Watch Live
17:20 Mestertølt A-finals, Icelandic horses - Watch Live
17:40 Crazy Happy Hour Stands - Watch Live
18:15 End of show – welcome back next year! - Watch Live

Telenor Arena

Widerøeveien 1
1360 Fornebu

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