Ready for the 22nd Films from the South

The festival kickstarts with Pablo Larraìn’s  No, the final saga in the director’s portrait on Chile under dictator Pinochet. The screening is followed by an after party at Kunstnernes hus with brazilian music and drinks. 

Opening Film, No

The last film in Larrain’s trilogy depicts the 1988 events in which a national advertising campaign led to dictator, Pinochet’s, fall. During the course of 27 days, Pinochet allots 15 minutes of national television screen time for opposing and supporting debates on his dictatorship, and ever pragmatic salesman René Saavedra, played by Gael García Bernal, sells the idea of a Chile free of Pinochet’s tyranny with an enthusiasm no one expected, least of all Pinochet himself.  Showtime, 6pm, Vika 1 Cinema.

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Films from the South (FFS) is a unique international film festival based in the capital of Norway. Since 1991 the festival has presented the best films and filmmakers from Asia, Africa and Latin America to a diverse audience. Each year approximately 100 feature films and documentaries are screened, in the course of ten festival days and across 230 screenings.

The festival considers itself an important part of the cultural life of Oslo and the Norwegian film industry. Through great film experiences, seminars, international guests and events all through the year, Films from the South is an important arena for cultural exchange. 

Film from the South will give you fine film experiences, dialogue and atmosphere, in various areas like politics, film poetry, topical documentaries and entertainment. 

The festival is a film-political corrective to a western-oriented film scene. 

Fundamental values

The festival screens films of quality from the non-western part of the world – films that will give you cultural experiences, insight and understanding. Films from the South combines idealism with a professional organisation and promotes values like tolerance, receptiveness and respect. 

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