Alternative Alcohol-Free Drink Guide for Best Experience of Meal

Non-alcoholic beers are at the top of Bølge’s list. They are suitable for salty foods and savory flavors such as Asian cuisine, tapas and cured meats.

Alcohol-free beers having a good balance between sweetness and bitterness are particularly suitable for spiced and savory dishes. Slightly sweet wheat beer is light and refreshing to taste salty foods like cured meats and tapas.

Pressed fruit and berries

All time favorite fresh fruit and berry juices are suitable for tasty dishes, red meat and well-aged cheese. They can also be consumed with white meat and fish with lots of flavor.

Pressed fruit and berries with a natural acidity and pure fruit sweetness are well integrated into the flavors of nature. These are drinks that show the qualities and the complexity of tastes when making dishes using complementary fare.

Among pressed fruits, apple juice is suitable for light dishes, white meat, fish or a summer salad. Apple juice has a wonderful acidity, balanced with natural fruit flavors. It is generally a good food drink because of acidic heat and fits well with fish, light meats and salads.

Mineral water

If you do not like the juice taste with your food, mineral water is suitable for all, without affecting the taste of your meal.

Pure mineral water, still or sparkling, is a good alcohol-free option, but it does little to complement your meal with a taste that creates experience.

But when you think that most of soft drinks include large amounts of sugar, in addition to their synthetic taste, mineral water stands unchallengable for your tastebuds and your health.

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