These Films were Banned in Norway Last Year

The three films that were banned were “Obsession – B├╝ckst├╝ck,” “Pure” and “A Serbian Film,” writes TV2.

– The German “Obsession – B├╝ckst├╝ck,” which is a sadomasochistic film, was considered to be in violation of Penal Code. We can accept any SM movies, but this went too far. American “Pure” is a traditional hardcore movie with extraordinary violence. Had the violence been there, it could release through censorship, says consultant Ove Wathne in Mediatilsynet.

“The Serbian Film” was banned because it contains violence with the sexualisation of children. Ove Wathne told Norwegian daily, Dagens N├Žringsliv that it is usually an ingredient that provides a basis for an assessment of the Authority.

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