Oslo Screen Festival Time

Opening celebration of the festival is held on Friday 9 March at Litteraturhuset, Oslo with inhouse movie by Max Hattler, musical performances by S. Steen-Andersen & Sunniva R. Wettre, Amund Sjølie Sveen, Duo Torquati-Dillon and DJ Lasse Marhaug. 

This year’s arrangement, between 9th and 11th of March, puts a special emphasis on audio and music video. Norway is well represented this year with films of Marte Aas, Roghieh Asgari Torvund, Mattias Härenstam, Pierre Lionel Matte, Kaia Hugin, Ingeborg Stana, Hanne Frey Husø, Kjetil Skøien and Heidi C. Morstang.

Also, New Music concert series presents MUSIC TO SEE which is about the interaction between sound and image. Steen-Andersen’s highly original experimental video work, Run Time Error  and Amund Sveen Sjølie’s Deconstructing IKEA music will be presented in this section.

There are also round-table discussion on the role of music in experimental film in collaboration with the NOTAM with participation of Bjørn Erik Haugen, Bodil Furu, Marte Aas, Kjell Bjørgeengen and through lectures on UKS with the Austrian curator Evelin Stermitz. She introduces the project ArtFem.TV, and talks about feminism and female video artists.


About the Festival

Oslo Screen Festival is an international video art festival for artists working in the field of experimental film and video art. The festival is organized for the third time, with screenings of Filmens Hus and UKS, and musical performance at Litteraturhuset og Ny Musikk.

The aim of the festival is to establish a platform for video art in Norway for both Norwegian and international artists. The organizers define their aim as to break boundaries in the selection of video art and visualize a wider cultural diversity of expressions and forms. The purpose of the festival is to inspire the artistic and cultural environments in Norway and to stimulate the audiences’ consciousness of the world around.

Read Full Program of this Year’s festival in English

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