How much are you willing to change in the name of love?

“You know when Picasso took a shit, he didn't call it a 'sculpture', he knew the difference. That's what's made him Picasso”.

Entertaining, engaging and provocative; a dark romantic comedy to coincide with the winter darkness! The Shape of Things is a show that highlights the obsession today's generation has with looks and the surface of things.

“For art to exist, there has to be a line out there somewhere. A line between really saying something and just… needing attention.”

The Shape of Things asks: how much are we willing to change ourselves to meet other people's and society's expectations?

On Sunday 11 and Monday 12 Dec. TITAN Teatergruppe will present the critically acclaimed contemporary play (and later successful film), written by Neil LaBute. The play is set up at the recently renovated and newly opened theater Det Andre Teatret in Lilleborg (Oslo). This piece looks with a critical eye on the current generation and is staged by and directed towards young people. We (the current TITAN Teatergruppe) believe most people will be able to identify in some way to this; both good and bad as they refelct upon themselves and these characters. The performance is at 18.00 and 20.00 both days and lasts for approximately an hour and a half.

The Shape of Things themes include morality, art, intimacy and subjectivity. It is about relationships between people; love, friendship, and trust. How much can those around us affect us and our choices? And how far one is willing to go for love? The play centers around

the kind and shy Adam as he meets Evelyn, an attractive and flamboyant art student, and falls head over heels for her. The action takes place in a small college town in the U.S. and unfolds with Adam and his friends Jenny and

Philip, and relations between them. When Evelyn shows up and “changes” occur in the group and with Adam, the audience will be taken on an emotional rollercoaster that will shock and surprise them.

About TITAN Teatergruppe

Every year, TITAN Teatergruppe consists of current 2nd years (the graduating class) at TITAN Theatre Academy. Now the torch has been passed on to the 8 new young and energetic actors who have taken over the name. As first-year students, we staged self-written, directed, and

acted solo pieces. This unique learning experience prepared us for TITAN Teatergruppe and running their our own theatre company. It is now time for our first performance as an ensemble.


TITAN Teaterakademi

TITAN Teaterakademi is the first school in Europe to offer intensive training in entrepreneurship in the arts. Here the students learn to set up their own performances, and create work upon graduation, rather than waiting for the work to come to them. In addition to acting training, TITAN Teaterakademi focuses on producing, writing, directing, movement and more. TITAN Teatergruppe teaches students how to “put together the pieces” and get out into the world. They choose their season of shows, and some even direct and write their own. TITAN Teaterakademi is an international school where many of the faculty and some students have a foreign origin. Instruction is in English and the performances are played often in English. This also applies to The Shape of Things

Contact: Siv Kristoffersen, tel: 91631378, email: [email protected]

The Shape of Things by Neil LaBute

Det Andre Teatret

11. and 12 Decemeber at 18.00 and 20.00

December 2011

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