Time is Running for Festivals in Norway

Norway confirms its status as fast developing vibrant festival state of Scandinavia this month, with tens of concerts and the festivals all over the country. Check out what's happening in the festival city of Oslo. Nowadays, there are a lot of festival options for all music tastes.

Oslo Jazz Festival /Oslo

Period: 15.08.2011 – 20.08.2011

Oslo Jazz Festival was held for the first time in 1986. The festival always has an emphasis on quality and history, and you will find practically every genre represented, from ragtime to rap via main styles swing, bop and modern electric and acoustic forms.

The one-week festival includes about 80 events and has built a strong reputation among performers, their agencies and audiences alike for being a warm and professionally executed festival. The Festival celebrates its 25th anniversary this year, and having confirmed Humcrush/Sidsel Endresen, Fredrik Kronkvist Quartet and Desafindao, the anniversary program is complete.

STUDiO – Student Festival/ Oslo

Period: 15.08.2011 – 27.08.2011

Annual student festival to mark the start of the autumn semester at the University of Oslo.STUDiO lasts for almost two weeks and features concerts, debates, open pubs and bars, shows, games etc.

The events take place at the student house Chateau Neuf at Majorstua and at the University of Oslo's main campus at Blindern.

The festival tent at Blindern campus is open every day from 2 pm. Complete event programme on the festival website.

The International Church Music Festival / Kristiansan

Period: 14.08.11 – 21.08.11

The International Church Music Festival was started in 1971, and has been an annual festival to have held for 39 years. The Festival presents a wealth of concerts, services and social events, rang-ing from mighty Catholic motets and masses to African rhythm and gospel, from Renaissance motets to modern cello music. There will be something happening from morning to night: concerts, exibition, seminars ets. All performed by outstanding artists.

Oslo Chamber Music Festival / Oslo

Period: 12.08.11 – 20.08.11

The Norwegian violinist Arve Tellefsen is initiator and artistic director of Oslo Chamber Music Festival and in 1989 he was able to welcome musicians and the audience to the first chamber music festival in Norway.

Tellefsen founded Oslo Chamber Music Festival to bring chamber music to a broader public than had been common in Norway . He is still the main spirit of the festival and the festival has through the years established itself as an important and popular contributor to Norway ‘s musical community.

Oslo Chamber Music Festival presents music spanning from the Medieval times to the present day.

Oslo has several fabulous venues for concerts. Oslo Chamber Music Festival desires to extend the concert experience by using the city‘s cultural-historical treasures as concert venues.


The Norwegian Int`l Film Festival/ Haugesund

Period: 17.08.11 – 25.08.11

The Norwegian International Film Festival, Norway’s major festival for film and cinema, is scheduled mid-late August every year. Its Main Programme is devoted to feature films for theatrical release.

Titles are selected on artistic merit. The festival cooperates closely with Norwegian and Scandinavian distributors in selecting films for screening at the festival, and Nordic bodies/sales agents for screening at New Nordic Films. Films selected should ideally be signed for Norway, but the festival also makes a point of inviting a limited number of films that we feel should be of interest to a Norwegian and Scandinavian audience. Whenever possible, such invitations are routed through a Norwegian or Scandinavian distributor.

The Bjørnson Festival of International Literature / Molde

Period: 31.08.11 – 04.09.11

Bjornson festival's main goal is to promote interest in literature and creative writing. The festival was established in 1992 as Norway's first literary festival. Bjornson festival is one of the major literary festivals and takes its name from Norway's first Nobel laureate in literature, Bjorn Bjornson. The festival has an international profile and aims to give Norway an international literary event of high quality.

Granittrock: Free Rock Festival / Oslo

Period: 02.09.2011 – 03.09.2011

Granittrock in Groruddalen is an annual festival in Arena Lillomarka in Groruddalen. The free festival has no age limit, no alcohol and plenty of room, making it a festival for everyone.

The arena by the forest has almost unlimited space, and the number of daily visitors gets up to 20,000 people.

Rock music is the festival's main ingredient, but hip-hop also plays an important part. Bands like Turbonegro and BigBang have headlined previous Granittrock festivals.

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