As Extraordinary As It Sounds: Mind Gap

The brain is the most used and least understood natural phenomenon we know about. The brain is in fact the engine behind all knowledge. Despite its central function and all the knowledge that is constantly being developed in this field, a little effort is shown to bring research and fascination to most people.

The exhibition Mind gap is such an effort to inform the people in this field in a fun way. Mind Gap is about the brain and brain research. It has been opened on 16 April and will be exhibited in the Technical Museum until 2012. University of Oslo is the main partner of the exhibition, and it is included as a main attraction in the university's 200th anniversary.

Design by Robert Wilson

One of the world's most renowned artists, Robert Wilson , designed the exhibition in collaboration with Professor Serge von Arx at the Academy at Østfold University College. Students at the academy have helped with individual items.


Norwegian museum of Sience & Technology is located at Frysja, Kjelsås and is one of the best attraction centers for families with children of all ages visiting and living in Oslo! In Summer time, the museum is open from 10.00 to 18.00.

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