Theater Pick of The Week: “Digital Love”

A girl finds love and solace from an electronic musician across the world, and using her computer and an internet connection the relationship grows to the point where she has to make a decision of whether or not to stay in her day to day life or move thousands of miles away to explore whether or not this romance will work face to face. But if the red tape of visas, immigration, and citizenship come into play, how will it ever work? A one woman show about relationships in the digital age, culture clash, and a new take on “Happily Ever After”

Written by Rachael Støver (neé Young) a first year student at TITAN Teaterskole, the story of her online romance that started the struggle to live, work, and study in Norway. A comedic look at internet relationships, bureaucracy, and all the problems that are added to a couple when those pesky “laws” are involved. The show is not just inspired by her own experiences, but Americans who she has met while in Norway with similar ones, people who have had relationships (friendships or otherwise) via the internet, and people who understand the ridiculousness of long distance relationships.

At Kampen Bydelshus May 28th at 19:00 and May 29th at 14:00 and 19:00.

100 kr for adults

50 kr for students

25 kr for children and seniors

NB: Performed in English

To reserve tickets: [email protected]

RSVP via facebook:

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