Easy to Purchase, Difficult to Combine

Many people share the same complaint at the beginning of a new season: “I have nothing to wear!” The real issue, though, is not actually the purchasing of new clothing, but rather what you will combine these new pieces with, and how you will wear them. When you take what could be a very chic outfit, but then make mistakes in terms of what you accessorize it with clothing wise, you can sometimes get a very bad look.

Conversely, sometimes just a very regular piece of daily wear can look completely different and special when combined with a particularly chic piece of clothing. All of which is why knowledgeable, thoughtful shopping is more important than ever. Actually, combining some of your old clothing with different items can give you the chance to capture a new look, a new style, without even having to pull out your wallet. Like wearing the same jacket on the weekend as you do to work during the week, but combined with different pieces.

The catalogues that brands use nowadays to introduce their seasonal collections are different than they were in the past. These catalogues now not only show us the new items of clothing on models, but also tell us about seasonal trends in general, and show us how these items of clothing can be worn in different ways.

The pleasure of combining as portrayed through blogs

There are lots of fashion blogs out there these days, and thanks to the variety of combinations they show, they have a large following. Online shopping sites are aware of this trend in fashion and are creating their own blogs that present career-wear and seasonal trends. You can follow the combinations of a number of styles on blogs such as and You really feel like you are shopping when you go to these sites and are able to see how the pieces look in different combinations.

Make your own catalogue

If you really don’t want to head out to the stores to shop, there are lots of Internet shopping options these days. As mentioned before, there are sites that even let you test how certain pieces would look when combined with others. In fact, the options available on these kinds of sites have been attracting a lot of attention from fashion bloggers lately.

Awards for clothing that harmonizes

While there have always been fashion magazines that simply show off images of the most expensive and luxurious brands on impossibly distant-seeming models, these days there is a lot of interest in magazines that almost work as guides to seasonal shopping for the average shopper. These publications allow us to see different styles and items for different functions combined with one another. All in all, there seems to be a trend towards purchasing items that all work somehow with one another. It used to be completely opposite though, with customers simply buying everything they could, whether or not the pieces worked together, in the name of grabbing trendy labels.

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