Inferno Metal Festival Breaks Eastern Silence

Inferno Metal Festival is an annual extreme metal festival in Oslo. The festival was founded by Borknagar guitarist Jens F. Ryland in cooperation with Radar Booking in 2001 and takes place at Rockefeller Music Hall in Easter. With a solid focus on the world's best black metal bands, the Inferno Festival in Oslo celebrates its eleventh anniversary this year. Few Norwegian music festivals can equal the international status of the Inferno Festival, which was voted as one of the 10 best in the world by leading music magazines and it continues to grow to be the world’s metal community’s most important gathering.

Conference and Film Screening

It is worth noting that this important organized event is not just a music festival. Inferno, destined to be an ongoing hit, also includes exhibitions, conferences and film screenings. For example, the IMC, Inferno Music Conference, is held simultaneously with the Inferno festival every year in Oslo. This is the only conference of its kind for artists, labels, magazines, festivals and media within the extreme metal genre to come together.

Inferno also offers daily screenings of rarely seen cult classics, Norwegian horror films with English subtitles and music documentaries under the name of Inferno Film. Also, at at the festival's sponsored hotel Royal Christiania there are film previews. Inferno Film is held at Cinemateket in Filmens Hus, a five minute walk from the festival hotel and just two blocks from Elm Street.

Inferno Supports Norway’s Black Metal-Tourism

For four days during Easter, metal lovers from all over the world flow to experience this unique metal experience in Norway’s capital. Not that surprising, since Norwegian black metal is known all over the world and is Norway’s largest music export abroad.

The festival has become bigger over the years and has gone out with several big names this time than ever before. The drawing in of more curious visitors to the country because of this Norwegian black metal 4-heyday-period is the most concrete evidence of this trend.

Meanwhile, Inferno’s growing popularity continues to support black metal-tourism, which is an established phenomenon, although it's not exactly the Norwegian Tourist Board that takes care of marketing. For several years now, Inferno Festival has been arranging bus tours of sightseeing, among other things.

Since having created scandalous headlines within the Norway’s largest media sources and controversy among Christians and moralists, it has rather lately been more focused on what it can offer to Norway’s musical and cultural performance scene.

INFERNO METAL FESTIVAL Oslo, Norway April 20th – April 23th Rockefeller/John Dee Rock In – Revolver – Garage Blå – Victoria – Elm Street – Unholy TICKETS: 4-day festival pass (including club night) NOK 1350,- One day-tickets thur-fri-sat NOK 500,- One day-tickets club night NOK 250,- Age limit 18 years. Some participating clubs have a 20 year age limit – full info on this in the upcoming Festival Guide booklet (where you will find ALL updates and practical info regarding all things Inferno). Bring your ID to avoid disappointment. Tickets available at Billettservice/ Phone: + 47 815 33 133 and Inferno Metal Conference (IMC) Tickets incl. VIP party NOK 790,-/99€ IMC ticket includes Seminar, workshops, Speedmeeting, Black Metal Sightseeing, VIP party. SPECIAL PRICE FOR MUSICIANS 49EUR Black Metal Sightseeing Public version 35 EUR (lim.ed. 70 tickets!) Tickets available at Billettservice/ April 19th – April 24th Tickets to film screenings NOK 45,- available at Cinemateket. I N F E R N O F I L M 1 9 . – 2 5 . A P R I L

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