More than 100 derivatives of "ski" in Norwegian

In the volume, much of which is devoted to the words starting with the letter S, linguists have recorded more than a hundred words in Norwegian, starting in the root of «ski»".

So, using special words Norwegians differentiate not only the types of skis, bindings, boots and sticks, but the quality of ski runs, or descent, the shape of supporting rings on a stick and the nature of ski ointments. In particular, in the Norwegian language there is a special concept of designating trails, passing through the field (skihekt), and even the name of the party for the athletes after the awarding of the cross-country skiing (skiseksa).

"Of course, such a large number of concepts from skiing tell about its role in the Norwegian culture – said Ose Vetos, the project manager responsible for the preparation of the dictionary. – However, what really surprised us was widely used its own derivatives for ski theme even in the dialects of those regions, where the skis have played a lesser role and as a means of transport, and as a sport."

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