A Record Norwegian Film Season for Every Taste

Moviegoers can choose among a large number of Norwegian movies in all genres from comedy to drama and thriller.

Secretary General of the Norwegian Film and TV Producers Association Leif Holst Jensen stated that the mass film production in Norway may end up with "survival of the fittest" where each production can destroy each other economically. On the other hand, the director of the Norwegian Film Institute Nina Refseth said this record increase in the film sector is not only an advantage for Norwegian audiences but for Norwegian film makers as well, who are now able to realize their projects by raising the level of competition in Norway.

Below is a list of movie premieres scheduled for the spring 2011:

Konger av Oslo (KINGS OF OSLO)

Documentary | 60 min | February 8, 2011

Director: Elsa Kvamme

Short summary: They come from many parts of the world. They have the smallest schoolyard of Norway, only two stonethrows away from the Royal Castle. They are 12 years old, and wish for a world without beggars, with big houses for everyone and that the leaders don’t involve the citizens when they make war. This documentary takes us to a journey to the everyday life of children in the center of Oslo anno 2009. We follow a multicultural class at different periods in a ”normal” schoolyear this last year as children, on their way to become youngsters.


Documentary | 85 min | February 11, 2011

Director: Gunnar Hall Jensen

Short summary: A Scandinavian man’s quest for truth in the experience of God

vs. the experience of middleclass boredom

I TRAVEL ALONE (TBC) (Jeg reiser alene)

Drama| 88 min | February 11, 2011

Director: Stian Kristiansen

Jarle Klepp is a 25-year-old student of literature with a passion for Adorno, Proust and grown-up women – and definitely not Tamagochi's, Lady Di and small kids. The news that he is the father of a seven year old girl – and that she will come visiting next week – enters his life like a nuclear bomb.

Jarle Klepp has to become an adult. Is he able to grow up? Does he want to grow up?


Drama | 73 min | February 25, 2011

Director: Ole Giæver

This is the story of Nora and Solveig, a grief-stricken couple on a trip through the mountain range where they had a traumatic experience two years prior.


Children | 80 min | February 18, 2011

Director: Trond Jacobsen

Gråtass is thriving on the farm, with his friends Goggen, Gamlefar and Grynet. But at times he feels lonely, as he is the only live machine in the farm, and cannot reveal it to the others. Therefore, Gråtass gets Goggen to build the fully automatic, electric, self-propelled scarecrow Skremme. However, when Skremme surpasses him in popularity, Gråtass becomes jealous and does som foolish things to prevent Goggen from presenting Skremme at an invention competition ath the annual fair in the village.

TOTALLY TRUE LOVE (Jørgen + Anne = Sant)

Romantic Comedy/Family | 86 min | February 25, 2011

Director: Anne Sewitsky

Anne, 10, is an energetic girl whose favourite activities are tree-climbing and running. When a new boy moves into the haunted house down the road Anne's world turns upside-down; she falls head over heals in love with him.

PEOPLE IN THE SUN (Mennesker i solen)

Comedy | 80 min | March 4, 2011

Director: Per-Olav Sørensen

All in all a traditional summer comedy, except for the fact that it's the end of the world.

RED HEART (Rødt hjerte)

Drama | 77 min | March 2011

Director: Halkawt Mustafa

Sihrin, a 19 year old Kurdish girl, learn that her father will trade her for a new bride. She escapes with her secret boyfriend to the big city.


Thriller | 95 min | March 11, 2011

Director: Pål Sletaune

An over-protective mother, who moves to a secret address with her eight-year-old son after a difficult divorce. She buys a babycall to better watch over him, which seems to be activated from other apartments in the block. One day she overhears what she thinks is the murder of a child.


Drama | 75 min | March 18,2011

Director: Annette Sjursen

PAX is a grand-scale drama. An intimate and powerful romantic film about seven people's encounter with themselves as life forces them into the raging storm. They all have someone waiting. PAX, the Latin word for peace, is also flight terminology for flight passengers. When flying in an airplane we are all "pax".

CUPID'S BALLS (Amors baller)

Comedy | 76 min | March 25, 2011

Director: Kristoffer Metcalfe

Swedish Lucas moves from Stockholm to a small Norwegian town, and immediately falls in love with Susanne, the goal keeper of the local girls' soccer team… Cupid's Balls is packed with humour, romantic summer nights and fervent conflicts both off an on the soccer field.


Genre: Comedy

Director: Kenneth Olaf Hjellum

Markus and Robert have finally reached their goal. 12 years of schooling are nearly over, and everything they've learned is to be washed away in an unprecedented celebration. Their only problem is that they reside in Ødvåg, Norway's tiniest and most windswept dump, and that the money they saved up for the celebration is nowhere to be found. So the challenge is to get together the greatest graduation celebration ever, without cash. And of course to get laid. Markus' target is Caroline. The most attractive broad at school.


Comedy | 90 min | April 15, 2011

Director Nini Bull Robsahm and Patrik Syversen

Glenn has been dumped by his girlfriend. He is lonely, and terribly difficult to deal with. To cheer him up, his friends get a brilliant idea. How about organizing a fake audtion for a non-existing feature film?

DEAR DAD(Kjære pappa)

Drama/Mocumentary | 75 min | May 2011

Director: Øystein Stene

Veronica and Cecilia, hit by a feeling of meaninglessness as many Norwegians, have met on the internet and decided to commit suicide together. They travel to a cabin in a deserted place by the sea to carry out the plan. Instead of leaving a farewell letter, the girls with a camera to film the last days.

VARG VEUM – The Consorts of Death

Crime | 93 min | April 8, 2011

Director: Stephan Apelgren

Bergen PI Varg Veum investigates the murder of a married couple; prime suspect is the stepson, but Veum does not think he is guilty. Not even when he confesses.


Drama/Comedy | 89 min | February 11, 2011

Director: Robert Young

Wally has promised his best friend for 40 years a burial at sea. The fact that he has neither boat, or money cannot stop him from keeping his promise! But, his opponent Miss Reimark, head of the retirement home where Wally lives, has very different plans for him.

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