Film Festivals in the Inari and Tromso opening this week.

The program of 21th festival highlighted three areas. The first – a compilation of non-fiction films by nearly unknown to the Norwegian audience; Alexander Sokurov, one of the most famous and recognized film makers in the world. Second – geographical: a modest introduction to the cinema of Thailand, a country better known for its fantastic beaches than for its fantastic directors. The third – a case: conflict and its resolution. This collection includes films from the region mostly associated with the conflict, but in this case the film narrative calls into question the existing prejudices.

Indigenous Peoples Film Festival

And on January 19 at Inari the 13th Film Festival of the indigenous peoples called Skobmagovat will take place. Among the world premieres, organizers promise a documentary by Anja Ahola "Finland has entered into Sápmi", which addresses the negative impact of boarding schools for Sami culture, a series of short films about Aneli Lappalainen – a Sami from Inari, and also the movie by Ansteyna Mikkelsen about the northern lights "Dance of the Blessed Virgin." The program also includes a new documentary about the world famous Mari Boine, as well as a number of short animated works of Sami writers. In addition, the festival Skobmagovat will present a selection of short Sami films from past years, which recently will be showing at various international film festivals. The program will also have the work of Canadian indigenous authors, selected at the festival «ImagineNATIVE» (Toronto, Canada) – a new partner of Skobmagovat.

Program Details

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